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Episode 38 - The RoundTable of Shade

June 28th, 2015


In this episode of Open Mike Radio. We welcome back Kandyce August as a guest host.  We discuss the attack on a Charleston church by white supremacist, Dylan Roof.  Alli Hanley calls in and we learn what it's been like on the Appalachian trail.  Then to spice it up a bit, we get all Wendy Williams on her and ask personal and innappropriate questions, "How you doin?'  We also have a spirited discussion on how to get booked on shows of our dreams, And as always post-its were handed out to protect the not so innocent.  

Episode 37 - Shade Tree

June 9th, 2015


On this episode of Open Mike Radio, We welcome comedian Anthony Davis and we discuss the cost of comedy.FYI, it's hella expensive. Marcus went to the red box and detoured to the studio.    Damo Hicks drops by and we begin writing post-it notes furiously as we dispense shade in the shadiest manner possible.  We discuss some deplorable behavior at open mics.  Comics behaving badly and unsettled beef.

Episode 36 - Headz Up

May 27th, 2015


This week on the Open Mike Radio Show we welcome Rochelle "Cece" Thompson as she discusses her TV Show Headz Up TV and gives some interview advice to Greg's character "the unseasoned rapper".  We debate Nicki Minaj and her Pink Print. (ahem).  Cece turns the tables on us as we talk about "true" open mics versus "pre-booked" mics.  Michele asks, "Bish, whet?" when she gets unfriended on FB by the very sensitive entrepeneur Frenchie Davis. 

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Episode 35 - Comedy Crush Edition

May 18th, 2015


Comedy Crush Edition - Tensions are high at the beginning of the episode. Mike and Michele discuss a possible comedy divorce. Later in the show, Mike, Greg and Michele share some experiences about what happens when comics involve friends, family and coworkers too heavily in their comedy careers. Also, Mike subtly playa-hates on today's special guest Benjy Himmelfarb because he is Michele's #WBCC (White boy comedy crush). In our "Bish Whet?!?" segment, Michele gets passionate about unrealistic beauty standards. Marcus couldn't make it to the studio this week but that doesn't stop him from constantly heckling the cast via twitter. Tune in for all the shade!!

Episode 34 - Mother’s Day Edition

May 15th, 2015


Mother's Day Edition! In this episode, Mike B prank calls his mom live on air. Michelle calls her mom as well and the crew finds out that Michelle has been hiding her "magnificent" brother's many talents from the gang. On a more serious note, We discuss comedy cliques in DC and the importance of forming professional alliances within the entertainment industry. Guest host Haywood Turnipseed talks about working with White promoters and audiences. As always, there's plenty of name-dropping and shade. Tune in! 

Episdoe 33 - Man that was a Riot

May 3rd, 2015


This epsiode of the Open Mike Radio show featured guest Kandyce August DC Comedy writers group regular and a comic on the local DC scene. We dicussed the Riots in B-More and why the comics have to leave DC to get paid  a subject so hot Dame Dash would approve. Listen to us every Saturday Live on 2-4pm and follow us on twitter @OpenMikeRadioRR, @Olmikeb757, @MarcusBrownDC, @Meeshelmybell, @realtigg, @Blkmayonnaise.

Episode 32 - Walking A Sing Along Trail

February 1st, 2015


On today's show Open Mike Radio welcomes Alli Hanley. We discuss the sucker punch heard round the world, and debate both comic and host/promoter responsibilities. Marcus Brown pinch hits for Greg and Tig calls in just to prove he is indeed alive and theeee most important 12th man.

Episode 31 - Clean Comedy From Dirty Minds

February 1st, 2015


Spencer Joyce is the special guest on this episode of Open Mike Radio. We discuss clean comedy and preparing a set    Spencer Joyce performs two songs after being sent to the corner for not knowing Pattie LaBelle. After a brief fainting spell, Mike recovers nicely.

Episode 30 - No Cell Phones Old Whippersnappers

January 19th, 2015


On episode 30 on the show, we welcome Tommy Taylor and he discusses his multimedia projects under his company Taylor Creative. We discuss the use of recording devices in comedy rooms in the age smartphones. We also debate out favorite music eras and we discover we are all just cranky old men and women who need those whippersnappers to get off of our lawn and the hell off of our radio.

Episode 29 - 80/20 Comedy

January 12th, 2015


Marcus Brown joins the crew for the show. We talk about his creative process as well as comparing freshman and sophomore comedians to the "upperclassmen". We celebrate the debut of Sometimes Pop-up Comedy Show, as well as discuss "your 80-20" in your relationship must-haves and negotiables. The convo got so good we went overtime!

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