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A Boozy Podcast Part II

October 29, 2019

Oh Snap! We back to all the 1's and 2's of you that support the podcast.....Thank you.


We Lit and this week we I brought my homegirl from the "Bad N' Boozy" Podcast Demetria in talk about her Halloween Costume (Doja Cat) but she was a Zebra. We also discuss her mental heath journey as well as she is enjoying the fruits of FMLA, for more details go check out the "Gay Side Story" Podcast October 13th edition. We took a deep turn into the "#PromoteMikeB" album and we did all this while I was worried my kids were going to come down and take over the show because Dee love the kids. All in all another hot show in the books, so back, enjoy and thank you for the download of the Open Mike Radio Podcast.


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